Keren MacLennan


My name is Keren MacLennan and I am an assistant psychologist and a doctoral researcher who specialises in working with autistic children and young people.


Throughout my career I have worked with children and adults during diagnosis and intervention. I have previously supported autistic adults and young people in care-farming practices, assisting them to engage in a range of farm-based activities using approaches such as horticultural, equine, and animal assisted therapies. More recently I have worked with children and young people, both individually and in groups, to help them to cope with anxiety and other mental health difficulties. This work draws on a range of approaches, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness. I have also undertaken training to be able to assist in the diagnostic process for both autism and anxiety disorders.

My PhD research, which is co-funded by MQ and Autistica, aims to understand factors that predict the development of anxiety in autistic children, with a particular focus on sensory reactivity differences, intolerance of uncertainty, and parent anxiety. I am committed to contributing to the literature in this field, which is strengthened by my passion for working with children and their families.

Keren is offering social skills and emotional literacy sessions here at Every Mind. She is also assisting in ASD diagnostic assessments and completing school observations.