Ongoing Therapy


Follow on therapy sessions last for 1 hour. Typically, your psychologist will see the child or adolescent for 45 mins and then invite the parents to join for the final 15 minutes to share any ideas or techniques that would be helpful to know or to practice at home.

We like to review how things are going regularly to ensure the sessions are meeting yours/your child’s needs and goals regularly. We usually do this every 4 sessions to evaluate the number of sessions are required to meet your goals.

For some children, it may be necessary to shorten therapy sessions e.g. from 1 hour to 30 minutes, particularly for younger children who may struggle with concentration and attention. It may also be that initially, we need to schedule sessions closer together e.g. once a week, but as the therapy and our therapeutic relationship develops, we can reduce frequency and time between sessions e.g. once every three weeks. Your psychologist will of course discuss all options to you as we plan for sessions or as things develop during therapy.